You can acquire a functional knowledge of any skill whether programming, painting, music, or even science and technology subjects. All it takes is to practice 20 hours in an intelligent way.

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Every skill has a frustration barrier-a period of time you are horribly unskilled. It takes around 20 hours of practice to break this frustration barrier. To go from knowing nothing to performing well. You can acquire the functional knowledge of any new skill as quickly as possible.

The method is universal. Whether you want to learn a new language, paint, writing a novel, learn programming, or science and technology subjects.

In the first 20 hours, you can learn the functional knowledge of any skill as decoded by Josh Kaufman in his best-selling book. The author himself learned 6 complex skills…

5 simple steps learned from top affiliate marketers that can skyrocket your earnings

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Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry, growing 10% every year. It is one of the largest sources of online income and the best way to learn online marketing.

Because you don’t need to develop any product, instead convince an audience to buy through your affiliate link for which you earn a commission.

You might be using affiliate marketing links on your blog, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, or other social media platforms. Whatever the medium you employ, it doesn’t matter. But what matters is the Iceberg effect and I’m going to guess that you’re not using it.

I used to…

Deep work is rare in the knowledge economy. But also the factor to produce extraordinary results. Practice these 4 ways to strengthen your deep work muscles.

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Do you often feel so busy but accomplish so little?

Working on your laptop struggling to focus on a simple task, while your smartphones appealing you to browse mouth-watering apps.

And you feel lethargic and drained even in the middle of the day.

This is the dilemma of every knowledge worker exposed to technology gadgets. Distractions and attractions of the online world are taking control of our lives. We are literally addicted to this digital world. Whereas all meaningful work is a result of deep work habits.

Cal Newport introduced the term “Deep Work” in his fascinating book. Though the…

A cheat sheet from a best-selling author reveals, how he researches, writes and transforms vague ideas into masterpieces

Image from Daniel Pinks Blog

What is abundant in the world today are opinions. But what is scarce is substance. Backed with evidence and research.Daniel Pink.

Have you ever dreamed to write a book that can inspire millions?

A book that can shake the world with its opinion.

Anybody can write something, publish it, and get slashed the next day.

To write something meaningful, that people can resonate, inspire, and shape new perspectives, you need to follow a process.

A process all the elite writers follow. They have internalized these habits and routines, which seem second nature to them.

Their neural patterns developed…

This is what he discussed with me.

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Exceptional marketing is a game-changer for any business. A reason I delved into marketing. I devoured whatever I found on the internet about how savvy marketers operate. Explored tons of blogs.

But I wasn’t satisfied with the material and was seeking some real marketing wisdom.

It was 2013 when I stumbled upon this guy. This man fascinated me instantly; I traced him and got connected. After cold messages for few months, I captivated him with my consistent desire of learning. And then he managed a few discussions.

He distilled his 27 years of experience which I couldn’t learn even after…

Robert Greene’s top 5 tips on writing, research, and being a productive person

Photo from: Robert Greene’s blog

He was frustrated. Broke. Switched 80 jobs by the age of 36, but wasn’t satisfied. He was striving for an opportunity to pursue his inner calling. And he got one…

Today after 22 years, he is a best-selling author of 6 books. Consulted Billionaires and Top-CEOs.

Robert Greene is an enigma to most people. He is known for writing controversial and provocative Bestselling books. Audacious, evil, yet captivating to the core. People often assume him a Machiavellian strategist, crushing his enemies totally or plotting maneuvers all the time like his books.

To this notion he always responds, I’m not evil-I’m…

2 simple ways Elon Musk executes to grasp any field

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Elon Musk is an amazing guy. He is still a mystery to most people. Some say he is an artificial intelligence robot or an alien, but to the core, he is a scientist who is trying to conquer the business world through his discoveries.

A futurist industrialist who is using his coding skills and approaching things through a scientific mind. He is a scientist and physicist on the inside and an engineer on the outside. Elon is not only the CEO but also the chief technology officer of his companies, driving vision for the future.

Though there is much written…


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